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Luxury 24-7 Commitment

Luxury 24-7 is San Gabriel Valley's all-inclusive destination where you can buy, sell, and trade luxury handbags and accessories. We are dedicated to offering a collection of highly sought after brands and timeless pieces at exceptional value. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our pre-owned items, and are committed to providing the highest quality customer care 24-7.


Luxury 24-7 Highlights 

  • Authenticity: all of the luxury items featured are 100% genuine. In addition, all of the photos displayed on the site are of the actual item you will receive.
  • Luxury Online: our e - commerce store is a state of the art shopping experience.  We have incredible photos, easy navigation, and stellar customer care at your finger tips. 

  • Get Up Close and Personal: we have a beautiful retail location containing an array of eye candy where you can touch, feel, and model our items first hand. 

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