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Shelley Rodriguez

Executive Director

Shelley Rodriguez, a third generation coin dealer, is a highly respected tangible asset expert, specializing in rare coins and bullion, estate jewelry, and collectibles. Throughout her thirty-year career she has compiled and sold many prominent rare coin collections, purchased classic art masterpieces, and handled rare gem appraisals. She also became a California Certified Auctioneer and managed the popular Century Coin Expo, which hosted eight coin shows yearly throughout Southern California. A lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association, Shelley remains active in her profession and contributes her time and efforts to the Professional Numismatic Guild and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

In 1996, Shelley joined Alhambra Coin Center where her wide range of talents earned her the title of Senior Numismatist. Lending further scope to her expertise, she ventured into the world of antiques, collectibles, watches, art, and jewelry. She partnered with ACC and created the Coin and Heirloom Show, which has achieved resounding success since 1999. Driven by a desire to expand into new markets, Shelley entered the luxury goods arena and, with ACC, launched Luxury 24-7, an upscale boutique featuring designer handbags, couture, and accessories. The unparalleled diversity of her expertise makes her an invaluable asset to both Alhambra Coin Center and its clients.


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Rita Li  


Merchandise Manager                                                           

Rita Li is a new addition to Alhambra Coin Center. Growing up in the antique world at a young age, she spent much of her youth working and operating her family's antique business and went on to major in Business Administration at California State University, Los Angeles. She has applied her skills at numerous antique shops for over ten years, developing a specialty in Asian antiques and vintage jewelry.

Working at the Alhambra Coin Center gives her a new opportunity to hone her fashion skills by assisting clients with both buying and selling luxury, vintage, fashion, and jewelry items within the Luxury 24-7 Branch of A.C.C. Rita's passion is to help customers select the perfect timeless piece that will maintain its value and aesthetic appeal for a lifetime.



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Barbara Griffiths

Marketing Coordinator

Barbara Griffiths grew up in the coin industry. Her father started the Beach, Coin & Stamp Expo, still one of the most successful coin shows in Southern California today. For over 25 years she owned and operated four of the most successful Southern California Coin & Stamp Conventions, Griffiths Expositions, and hosting events in Pasadena, Glendale, Anaheim, and Buena Park. Barbara plays a key role in the Coin & Heirloom Roadshows, coordinating everything from communications to logistics to public relations, the core to the success of the roadshow and the satisfaction of her clients.

With a lifetime of experience, Barbara is knowledgeable in United States coins, bullion, and jewelry. For the past 12 years her home has been with Alhambra Coin Center and she lends her vast expertise to all the customers that she encounters. Barbara views Luxury 24-7 as a fun and exciting avenue to help showcase style through iconic pieces.

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